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Enhanced Branded Enhanced Unbranded Free Unbranded PDF Flyer Virtual Flyer

Enhanced Features

    ∗ Includes All images in MLS Includes All images in MLS Upon entering a listing into the MLS, Property Panorama will automatically pull all of the photos from the MLS listing for inclusion in the InstaView Portfolio.

    ∗ Link Automatically Added to MLS Link Automatically Added to MLS Once an InstaView Portfolio has been created, Property Panorama will automatically attach the link to the listing within the MLS. This occurs within one hour of the listing being created within the MLS and requires no additional work from the agent.

    ∗ Converted to Video Converted to Video Within 36 hours of a virtual tour being created, Property Panorama generates a video available in multiple formats for download and syndication.

    ∗ Uploaded to YouTube Uploaded to YouTube An automatically generated video is uploaded to an MLS-specific YouTube channel, operated by Property Panorama.

    ∗ Statistics and Web Tracking Statistics and Web Tracking In-depth statistics for provided for each component of the InstaView Portfolio.

    ∗ Unlimited Access to Tech Support Unlimited Access to Tech Support Property Panorama provides UNLIMITED customer service to all members, FREE of charge. Contact Us Now!

    ∗ GoToAssist – Customer Support GoToAssist – Customer Support With the user’s permission, Property Panorama representatives, using a top-of-the-line GoToAssist program, can instantly view the user’s screen in order to more effectively and efficiently address any issues the user may be experiencing.

    ∗ Training Webinars Training Webinars Property Panorama holds both public and MLS specific Webinars which are FREE to attend for all users. Public Webinars are held every Wednesday at 1:00 pm EST.

    ∗ Includes InstaView Print Includes InstaView Print Instantly generated as a part of the InstaView Portfolio, Virtual Flyers are created for each listing and attached to the Branded Tour. Virtual Flyers are easily shared via email or printed in PDF format.

    ∗ Lead Generator and Capture System Lead Generator and Capture System Property Panorama allows members to generate and capture leads through each component of the Virtual Tour.

    ∗ One-Click Social Media Sharing One-Click Social Media Sharing InstaView Portfolio components can be easily shared to all social media outlets.

    ∗ Unlimited Photos Unlimited Photos Once an InstaView Portfolio has been generated, members can log in to Property Panorama’s Members Area and upload unlimited additional photos for use on the tour, video, and flyer.

    ∗ Friendly Friendly With one click, members are able to submit the Branded InstaView Portfolio directly to

    ∗ Add and Generate Panoramas Add and Generate Panoramas The InstaView Portfolio supports unlimited panoramic photos. Members can upload pre-made panoramas, or easily create seamless panoramic photos using our cutting-edge photo stitching program, without any special cameras or hardware.

    ∗ Add Voice Overs Add Voice Overs Members can add custom voice overs to any Branded Virtual Tour.

    ∗ Add Your Video Add Your Video Easily add custom videos into the InstaView Portfolio and have them attached to the Branded Virtual Tour.

    ∗ Add Your Own Music Add Your Own Music Members can personalize their tours by uploading custom audio files for use on the Branded Virtual Tour.

    ∗ Choose from 50+ Music Choices Choose from 50+ Music Choices Property Panorama supplies 50+ pre-loaded music choices for members to choose from.

    ∗ Google Maps w/ Viewing Options Google Maps w/ Viewing Options Branded InstaView Virtual Tours Utilizing Google Maps, InstaView Virtual tours provide consumers with multiple viewing options. Automatically attached to the tour, Google Maps is integrated directly into the tour in an easily accessible tab.

    ∗ School Demographics School Demographics Consumers are always one click away from local school and neighborhood information.

    ∗ Loan Calculator Loan Calculator Buyers can quickly calculate interest rates and payment plans directly from the Branded Virtual Tour.

    ∗ Property Details Property Details Each InstaView Portfolio contains the full property description, pulled directly from the MLS.

    ∗ TurboText TurboText Potential buyers can quickly access property information and the InstaView Portfolio straight from their mobile device by texting the TurboText Code to Property Panorama’s dedicated SMS text service. These codes can be attached on sign riders in front of the property for buyers to view from the street.

    ∗ MobileMedia MobileMedia Property Panorama’s InstaView Portfolio is fully compatible with every mobile device. Tablets, smartphones, iPods, etc.. Property Panorama is always accessible to agents and consumers alike.

    ∗ PodCast Tours PodCast Tours Do you have multiple listings to offer your clients? Download the property video in PodCast format and attach all of your listings to one PodCast.

    ∗ CD/DVD Tours CD/DVD Tours Within 36 hours of a virtual tour being created, Property Panorama generates a video available in multiple formats for download. Once downloaded, members can create their own CD and DVDs for distribution to clients.

These features apply to our enhanced products.